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Lithium Electric Stacker Series

The PSE26N SL 2,600lb capacity, lithium electric walkie straddle stacker is available in (4) different maximum lift heights and is designed for light-duty applications. Their compact size, light weight, and ability to operate with tiller in vertical position (pinwheel turning) make them the ideal choice for use on mezzanines and other highly maneuverable applications.

This ergonomic stacker has a fast-charging maintenance-free lithium battery, a built-in charger, and can be opportunity charged, allowing for longer use throughout multiple work shifts. Highly Productive – Competitively priced – One of the best values on the market.

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Smart Lithium Battery
Equipped with a maintenance-free Lithium battery and a built-in charger, the EDGE offers fast charging (2 hours) and opportunity charging, allowing you to charge between operations and during breaks.

The integrated BMS (Battery Management System) controls all important parameters and performance of the lithium battery.

Smart Ergonomic Tiller with Keyless PIN Code Panel and RFID Card
Ergonomic design for comfortable daily operation. Includes battery discharge indicator, operating hour counter, and on-board diagnostics via error codes.

Turtle Speed Button – Pinwheel Capability
By holding the Turtle button down, the stacker will operate with the handle in the upright position, providing safe and easy operation within confined spaces.

Dual Butterfly-Style Thumb Controls for traveling. Emergency reverse, horn and electric lifting and lowering buttons.
Straddle Leg
Adjustable straddle leg design is suitable for diverse pallet sizes and are made of solid steel for stability and safety.

Increased Safety – Wide Mast
A wide mast provides operator with a clear view of the forks and is not obstructed by mast sections, cylinder, or chains.

Convenient and fast access to any component of the truck. No Special tools are required.

Curtis Controller and CAN-BUS Technology
CAN-BUS technology makes analysis and adjustments easier, reducing downtime.


MODEL PSE26N-74 PSE26N-114 PSE26N-124 PSE26N-140
Unit Type
Lithium Electric Walkie Straddle Stacker
Load Capacity 2,600lb 2,600lb 2,600lb 2,600lb
Load Center 23.6″ 23.6″ 23.6″ 23.6″
Power 24 volt / 60Ah Lithium-ion LFP Battery
Battery Charger Built-in 24V/25A
Fork Dimensions 42″ Standard
Max Lift Height 74″ 114″ 124″ 140″
Min Lift Height 2″ 2″ 2″ 2″
Mast Stages 2 2 2 2
Turning Radius 53″ 53″ 53″ 53″



Optional Fork-over type
Optional Traction tire