Electric Counterweight Stacker

The PS30-40CB 3,000lb to 4,000lb capacity, electric stacker is available in (6) different maximum lift heights. It’s compact design, small wheelbase and small turning radius allow it to operate within tighter spaces. Ideal for demanding warehouse applications where high-efficiency and productivity are required.

This ergonomic stacker is equipped with high-quality components like German Schabmueller maintenance free AC Drive motor, German Kordel gearbox, German REMA tiller, an Italian Zapi controller and battery discharge indicator with hour meter. Superior performance – Competitively priced.

Available in Lithium also.

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German AC Drive Technology
The powerful German Schabmueller maintenance free AC Drive motor in combination with the German Kordel gearbox, an Italian Zapi controller and battery discharge indicator with hour meter, deliver performance, efficiency and reliability – reducing your running costs while providing gentle or fast acceleration.

Ergonomic Tiller
German REMA Tiller with reliable and ergonomic control system. In addition, the non-contact lifting and lowering rocker switch extends the life of the tiller.

Multi-Function Instrument Control
The multi-function instrument control can display the vehicle working status, battery power, working time, driving speed, and steering angle. Fault codes provide easy maintenance. A USB charging port provides power for more devices.

Fork Tilt
The fork tilt feature allows easier and safer staging and pallet handling.
Electric Steering
Electric steering system provides effortless operation, reducing operator fatigue, helping to reduce accidents and property damage.

Side Battery Extraction
A special trailer is included for easy side battery extraction, making battery replacement fast. Vehicle can then be used for multiple shifts.

Maintenance Friendly
Engineered from the ground up to make service and maintenance easy.

Long Lasting Battery Capacities

Robust Chassis
Robust chassis and larger support wheels provide extra durability for the most demanding warehouse operations.

Key switch limits access to approval personal

Emergency power disconnect


Unit Type Electric Counterweight Stacker
Load Capacity 3,000lb 4,000lb
Load Center 23.6″ 23.6″
Power 24 volt / 270Ah Industrial Battery |
24 volt / 350Ah Industrial Battery
Battery Charger 24V/35A 100V Charger |
24V45A 100V Charger
Fork Dimensions 42″ Standard 42″ Standard
Max Lift Height 98″ to 177″ Depending Upon Mast Selection
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Min Lift Height 2.4″ 2.4″
Mast Stages Available In Double Or Triple
Turning Radius 67″ 73″


Optional Full free lift (FFL) 3 stage only
Optional Fork lengths
Optional Batteries and Chargers (including a Lithium option)