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OPX 33

Very Narrow Aisle
Heavy Duty Electric Forklift

The OPX 33 3,300lb capacity, very narrow aisle forklift, offers high-speed lifting and lowering to improve productivity. The large capacity battery provides multiple shift operation. It’s centralized control console, with fingertip proportional control delivers smooth and accurate operation. A spacious and ergonomic cab with fully-adjustable, high-suspension seat provides optimal operator comfort. Its high-maneuverability and high-reach capabilities make it the ideal choice for your most demanding applications where large-scale, narrow aisle, high-lift height material handling is required.

This very narrow aisle forklift is equipped with high-quality German components, maintenance free AC Drive system, EPS-Electric Power Steering system and many safety features. High efficiency – Heavy duty!

Available in Lithium also.

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Advanced Components
Integrated AC system, Schabmuller motor, Curtis control system with high-precision gearbox provides flexible steering and high-quality driving performance.

Centralized Control Console
The centralized control console, with fingertip proportional control provides smooth and accurate operation. The high-speed lifting and lowering improves productivity.

Multi-Function Color LCD Display
The multi-function, color LCD instrument panel can display the steering wheel position, battery power, power alarm, fault code, working time, driving speed and other information.

Clear Visibility
The layout of lifting cylinder and pipeline system is optimized for clear visibility while operating.

Comfortable Cab
The spacious, ergonomic cab has plenty of foot space and its user-friendly design ensures operator comfort throughout the entire work shift.

The steering wheel and central control console can be adjusted freely in all directions for maximum operator comfort.

High suspension, fully adjustable seat reduces vibration to the driver. Together, with the automobile-type bionic curved backrest, they effectively reduce driver fatigue for all sizes of operators.

Dual-Screen, 3-Camera, High-Definition Monitoring System
The dual-screen, 3-camera, high-definition monitoring system allows the operator to monitor cargo stacking in real time.

Large capacity battery provides multiple shift operation. Side extraction reduces maintenance time.

Maintenance Free – Superior Performance
Low-noise gear pump ensures quite lifting. Motor controller, oil pump motor controller and steering motor controller, provide self-protection, maintenance-free, superior performance.

Stability and Safety
A strong chassis and optimized center of mass distribution ensure excellent stability. High-precision transverse slide rail with excellent gap compensation enhances transverse slide stability. When the forklift reaches the maximum height, the height limit function automatically cuts off lifting power to provide safe lifting. Speed limit controls automatically adjust during turns, adding additional safety while turning.

Ease of Maintenance
Easy access to all key components simplifies maintenance and reduces the time required. CAN communication protocols simplifies diagnostics, improves reliability and reduces down time.


Unit Type Very Narrow Aisle Electric Forklift
Load Capacity 3,300
Load Center 24″
Power 48V/900Ah
Industrial Battery
Battery Charger 48V/100A 240V/480V
3 Phase Charger
Fork Dimensions 42″ Standard
Std Fork Height Options available from 256″ to 374″
Minimum Lift Height – –
Mast Stages – –
Turning Radius 82.7″


Optional Magnetic Navigation
Optional Fork lengths