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Lithium – Order Picker

The OP8.5 850lb capacity Lithium-iron Order Picker is compact, highly efficient and designed for many applications, including narrow aisle. It offers an impressive 850lbs load capacity, 360 degree zero-turning radius, the ability to pick from both sides of the aisle and is capable of multiple shift operation.

The OP8.5 has a maximum working height of 196.8” and is equipped with a built-in charger, dual AC motors paired with power steering, Curtis controller, CAN-bus technology and many safety features.

Engineered with a low profile, it can easily enter elevators and pass under doorways. Increase your work productivity with this quiet, very low maintenance, ultra-smooth, lithium-iron order picker – Ideal for order picking, stocking, inventory management, and overhead maintenance.

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Fast-Charging Maintenance-Free Lithium-Iron Battery is fully charged in 1-2 hours. Battery can be opportunity charged during user breaks and during shift changes which allows the truck to run continuously through multi-shift operations. No battery changes are necessary.

360° Zero-Turning Radius of 51.2 Inches allows for narrow aisle applications. The OP8.5 Order Picker has superior maneuverability and can lift, travel and steer simultaneously.

Great Visibility
Adjustable front shelf can be raised and lowered to ensure operator’s field of view is not obstructed.

LCD display shows safety warnings, speed, steering angle and fault codes for easy operation and troubleshooting.

Left and right Multi-Function Handles can be customized and are equipped with operator presence buttons to ensure safe operation.

Keyless PIN code lock or RFID card access simplifies access when several users operate one truck.

Curtis Controllers CAN-bus Technology
Advanced Curtis electronic controller regulates and monitors all required forklift functions in all situations to assure the AC motor’s best efficiency and performance. This technology also provides easy troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Proportional hydraulics provide smooth lifting. The working height can reach 196.8 inches, allowing operator to collect materials from the 3rd level of rack. Driving speed reduces with the increase of height, ensuring safe and stable operation.

Multiple Lights
Side lights and headlight provide excellent visibility to operator even in poor lighting conditions. Vehicle is also equipped with a buzzer, warning light, rear light and safety blue light.

Built-In Charger provides added convenience.

Emergency Lowering Switch


Unit Type Order Picker – Lithium-Ion Electric
Load Capacity 850lb
• 220lbs Load Tray
• 330lbs Load Deck
• 300lbs Operator Compartment
Power Lithium-ion: 24V/80Ah Lithium-ion
Battery Charger 24V/25Ah Built-in
Max Working Height 196.8″
Lowered Height 57.2″
Turning Radius Zero Turning Radius