Sit-Down Lithium Tow Tractor

The T66Q-T130Q Sit-down Lithium Tow Tractors are highly efficient, cost effective and low maintenance. They are designed to smoothly transport the heaviest loads horizontally throughout a facility by towing multiple carts, trailers or dollies. Suitable for narrow-area operation, these tow tractors are a great solution for order picking and item handling. Applications can include manufacturing, warehouses, distribution, airports, stations and more. Increase your work productivity with these highly maneuverable, multi-shift tow tractors.

This ergonomic tow tractor is equipped with many safety features and high-quality components like an American Curtis Controller with CAN-bus control, 48V AC Drive motor and a multi-function display with on-board self diagnostics. The tow tractor’s high-speed allows operators to move more product in less time – Competitively priced – Highly Productive – One of the best values on the market.

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Small Turning Radius
Compact design allows for a small turning radius, enabling the operator to easily maneuver even when space is limited.

AC drive Motor and Large Capacity Lithium Battery
Highly efficient AC drive motor and large capacity lithium battery meets the demand of long operating times while delivering high performance, efficiency and reliability. Battery offers fast charging (2.5 hours) and opportunity charging, allowing you to charge between operations and during breaks.

The integrated BMS (Battery Management System) controls all important parameters and performance of the lithium battery.

Large Multifunction Display
Large multifunction instrument panel displays battery status, travel speed, fault code and more.

Curtis Controller and CAN-BUS Technology
CAN-BUS technology makes analysis and adjustments easier, reducing downtime.

OPS Safety Seat
Adjustable seat is equipped with an Operator Presence System (OPS) that will stop the vehicle automatically when operator is not in seat.

Built-In USB Connector
Equipped with USB connectors for charging of additional devices during operations.

Safety Lights
Blue light and flashing beacon light increase safety during operation.

Emergency Stop Button


Unit Type Sit-Down Lithium Tow Tractor
Load Capacity 6,600lb 13,000lb
Power 48V / 300Ah Lithium Battery Battery
Battery Charger AC Power with Aviation Plug
Turning Radius 62.6″ 66.1″
Vehicle Dimensions Download Brochure
Travel Speed
With Load 5 mph 4.3 mph
Without Load 8.7 mph 8.7 mph