High Lift Manual Scissor Lift

The SLP33 High Lift Manual Scissor Lift Pallet Truck has a dual-stage cylinder and a 3,300lb load capacity. It is designed to load and unload conveyors, feed presses and any applications that require moving and positioning of pallets or containers of materials.Used as both a work table or a pallet truck.

This ergonomic, powder coated pallet truck offers reliable, sturdy operation. It is easy to maneuver – High quality – Great Value.

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Quick Lift Function
Doubles the lift speed of loads lighter than 440lbs.

Pressure Relief and Overload Valve
Prevents pump damages when loads exceed weight limits.

The Enclosed Fork Tips and Reinforced Fork Frames Ensure Long Service Life.

Ergonomic Handle
Handle offers optimized safety and comfort. Three position operational handle lever for lifting, transportation and lowering purposes.

Lower Position- to lower load, pull up on the finger tip control.

Neutral Position -place fingertip control in this position when pulling the truck load.

Lift Position – to raise load, push down on finger tip control, pump handle to raise the load.

Designed to work ONLY on open bottom pallets.


Unit Type Manual Scissor Lift Pallet Truck
Load Capacity 3,300lb
Fork Dimensions 27″ W x 45″ L Standard
Size of Fork 6.4″ x 2″
Max Fork Height 31.5″
Minimum Fork Height 3.3″
Steering Wheel – –
Fork Roller φ3″ x 2″
Rear Wheel φ6″ x 2″


Optional Fork configuration