The Edge 45
Lithium – Electric Pallet Truck

The PTE45N (The Edge 45) has all the features and benefits of the Edge 33, plus it’s stronger, boasting a 4,500lb capacity and it includes a 48V Brushless DC drive motor. Suspension stability casters are standard and provide enhanced stability. Greatly increase your work productivity with this economical, quiet, very low maintenance, ultra-smooth, fully electric pallet jack. It is the ideal choice for medium duty operations.

Ergonomic and robust, this electric pallet truck has a maintenance-free lithium battery with one-hand removal and a tight turning radius. Perfect for applications within confined spaces like elevators, trailers, containers, and mezzanines warehouses.

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Smart Lithium Battery
Equipped with a maintenance-free Lithium battery, the EDGE offers fast charging and opportunity charging, allowing you to charge between operations and during breaks.

The integrated BMS (Battery Management System) controls all important parameters and performance of the lithium battery.

The Easiest Battery Exchange
The smart design allows easy exchange of the 48 volt battery pack within seconds.

Convenient and fast access to any component of the truck. No Special tools are required. There are no hoses or pipes used in the hydraulic lifting circuit which significantly improves reliability and reduces the amount of potential problems related to leakages through connectors or their seals.

Robust and Reliable Design
The frame of the truck is surrounded by stamped steel and a strong steel apron ensuring the protection of components. The unique fork design allows for easy entrance and exit from pallets and their full length double sided C-shape reinforcement significantly increases the strength and rigidity of the frame.

Excellent Climbing Performance
Ability to overcome ramps up to 7%/16% incline (laden/unladen). Includes German INTORQ brake for safety.

Ergonomic Smart Tiller
Ergonomic design has soft grips for comfortable daily operation. All buttons are big and can be easily reached by operators even while wearing gloves.

Integrated PIN code panel with LCD display for smart control
and operation. Includes Battery discharge indicator, operating hour counter, and on-board diagnostics via error codes.

Turtle Speed Button – Pinwheel Capability
By holding the Turtle button down, the truck will operate with the handle in the upright position, providing safe and easy operation within confined spaces such as steering within a trailer, a container or other small areas.

Dual butterfly-style thumb controls for traveling.

Emergency reverse, horn and electric lifting and lowering buttons.

Curtis Controller and CAN-bus Technology
CAN-bus technology makes analysis and adjustments easier, reducing downtime.


Unit Type Lithium Electric Pallet Truck
Load Capacity 4.500lb
Load Center 24″
Power 48 volt / 20 Ah
Maintenance-Free Lithium Battery
Battery Charger 48V/9A Charger 110V
Fork Dimensions 27″ W x 45.3″ L Standard
Max Fork Height 7.6″
Collapsed Height 3.1″
Turning Radius 50.4″ / 52.6″


Optional Fork configurations
Additional Lithium battery pack – Double the operating time
Additional battery charger
Traction tire
Optional Backrest available in different heights: 42″ / 48″ / 60″