Ride-On Electric Scrubber

The NR530 electric ride-on scrubber is designed for small to medium-sized spaces. It’s compact design allows it to conveniently get in and out of elevators. It is ideal for congested areas like shopping malls, grocery stores, office buildings, car dealerships, transportation stations, hotels, and hospitals. Additional applications include warehousing & logistics, food & beverage, science & research, and real estate.

Brushes available for: epoxy flooring, tile flooring, marble flooring, terrazzo flooring, lime flooring, brick flooring, PVC flooring, wear-resisting flooring and more.

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Integrated Waterproof Touch Control Panel
LCD display is easy to read, simple and convenient to operate, and provides fast and efficient maintenance data.

Three-speed modes and adjustable water flow

One-button electric lifting/lowering of brush and squeegee-holder. Automatic lifting of squeegee-holder for reverse driving.

Large Solution Tank
Large solution tank with front-filling point makes water refilling fast and easy.

Robust Die-Cast Brush Cover
The brush cover and squeegee are well protected by an aluminum die-cast, rust-free cover.

Large Opening for Cleaning
A large opening on the recovery tank with detachable top cover provides easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

Defoaming / Water Level Alarm
Efficient and reliable mechanical defoaming and solution tank water-level alarm greatly improves the service life of the vacuum motor.

Highly Effective in More Applications
Adjustable down-pressure from the brush provides flexible cleaning for different floor cleaning requirements.

Safety Seat
Seat safety switch automatically stops the scrubber when the driver leaves the seat.

Noise Reduction System
Mechanical noise reduction system reduces equipment noise during work.

Patented brush buckle design for automatic load and unload of the brush for longer life expectancy.

Patented Front-Drive Chassis-Free Modular Design makes the scrubber light.

Easy access for cleaning and maintenance.


Unit Type Ride-On Scrubber
Cleaning Path | Squeegee Width 21″ | 30″
Solution Tank Capacity 18.5 Gallons
Recovery Tank Capacity 18.5 Gallons
24V (2x12V 102Ah) Maintenance free AGM
Battery Charger
Vehicle Dimensions Download Brochure
Travel Speed 3.7mph